Meal planning, is it really worth it?

Let me play out a scenario, which I think MOST of us can relate to...

Scenario one:


6am – wake up: ‘hmm, my turn to cook tonight, it’s going to be EPIC, but obviously very healthy too... what will it be?’

10am – morning tea break at work: “Hey Linda, got any delicious healthy dinner ideas that I can make for dinner tonight?”

1:00pm – Lunch break: ‘First, I need to pop into the bakery to grab some lunch, and then I’m going to use this time to look up some recipes on taste. We had beef last night, so I’m thinking fish...’

1:30pm – End of lunch break: ‘bugger, there is NOTHING delicious to cook’

5:20pm – Knocked off work, walking in to the supermarket: ‘Maybe I’ll get some inspiration from just walking around.

10 minutes later: ‘no inspiration yet, but Carmans muesli bars are on special, so I better grab a few boxes to stock up ... and maybe a protein bar for the ride home because I am STARVING’.

5 minutes later: ‘Okay I’m sick of being here now, I’ll just grab a pizza on the way home because I can’t be bothered cooking anymore...’

8:00pm – Bed time: ‘TOMORROW I will cook something yummy AND healthy...’

Who can relate? I know that I can when I don’t plan my meals out for the week!

Let’s play out an alternative scenario...

Scenario two:

MONDAY (after a busy 2 hours of meal planning and shopping on Sunday arvo)

6am – Wake up: ‘Man this bed in comfortable, but I should get up because I am STARVING’

10am – Morning tea: ‘How was your weekend, Linda?’

1:00pm – Lunch break: ‘I can’t wait to dig in to this chicken and salad sandwich!’

1:30pm – End of lunch break: ‘that was delicious. Only 3 and a half hours to go, let’s smash this out’

5:25pm – Knocked off work, walking in the front door of your home: ‘Time for a quick shower before making this fish curry for dinner... yum’

6:30pm – Dinner’s ready!

8:00pm – Bed: ‘What a productive day...’

So often when we don’t meal prep we spend a lot of our day over-thinking what we are going to have for dinner each day, which can lead to unnecessary stress. Our mind can be so caught up with picking a recipe for dinner, that we lose focus on the present moment, which might be something as simple as catching up with a work colleague to chat about the newest episode of the Handmaids Tale.

Maybe you don’t over think dinner. Maybe you don’t think about dinner at all, and they only time it pops in your mind is after a 9-hour shift, which is when your most likely to be looking forward to putting your feet up and NOT spending the next hour pacing the supermarket isles to choose something for dinner. Chicken and cashew nut from your favourite Chinese restaurant sure sounds like a quick and easy option, and that will have some veggies in it, so it’s healthy right?

Meal planning may take a couple of hours out of your weekend, but does it really compare to the time, thought and money spent during your work week?

Ask yourself...

How often do you buy takeaway for lunch OR dinner?

How much time, money and thought do you put in, when you don’t plan your meals?

Do you know what they reaaaaally put in your favourite chicken and cashew nut stir fry?

We don’t want to toot our own horn, but four years at university studying a nutrition degree sure did help us understand how to be bloody good at meal planning. So let us pass on that knowledge to you, and give you the tools so that you too can become a meal planning master! Book in for our free call to get you started today. Link below.