Challenge yourself to set good habits for Smart Eating Week 2020

10th – 16th February 2020

It’s Smart Eating Week this week, and to celebrate we are giving away our top 5 (not so secret) tips to eat well J


We know you know, most Australians don’t eat enough vegetables blah blah blah, but how can we increase the amount we have to aim for 5 serves each day?

  • Aim for ½ plate raw or cooked vegetables at lunch AND dinner (because it’s mighty hard to reach 5 serves at one meal)
  • Aim for a variety of colours: different colours = different nutrients
  • Include veggies as snacks. This doesn’t meat carrot and celery sticks every day, get creative! Make some yummy veggie quiche bites or a homemade veggies dip to go with some crackers.
  • Carry a bottle of water with you EVERYWHERE, sipping regularly throughout the day. A reminder to drink may be just what you need
  • The more you drink = the more toilet breaks you need = MORE MOVEMENT (yay)


Water is pretty much liquid gold. It is ESSENTIAL for our body to work and control our appetite. Plus, sugary and alcoholic drinks have a sneaky way of boosting up your total caloric intake for the day, making it really hard to achieve your weight loss goals.

Remember to:


Our gut bug LOVE fibre! Including plenty of fibre in your diet is a great way to take control of reducing your risk of chronic disease. Fibre also helps to fill you up, which means better portion control and happy bellys.

These are our tips:

- Aim for 5 serves of vegetables and 2 serves of fruit each day

- Leave the skin on your fruit and vegetables where possible

- Choose wholegrain breads and cereals


Do you find that by the time you knock off work you are STARVING and reaching for whatever snack you can get your hands on? Filling up your day with regular, PLANNED, snacks is a great way to control your hunger.


Have you ever found yourself parked in front of the television with a packet of chips, and before you know it the bag is empty? ME TOO. This is an example of what mindful eating DOESN’T look like. Being mindful about food means eating without distraction, taking the time to tune in to your hunger signals. AAAAAND, did we mention it is so important for portion control?

Some of these tips may not be new to you. You know what to do, right? But knowing and doing are two different things, and setting good habits is so much easier said than done. That’s why we have creating the 50 for 5 program, to kick start these habits in to gear and provide you with the tools and support to make healthy choices the new normal.

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