Wondering why you're exercising but the scales aren't changing?

You're not alone! For many of the mums we see in our Mummy Body Makeover coaching program, they too are exercising most days, working hard and putting in the effort but not seeing any significant weight loss :-(

The good news is, there is a reason for this and it can be easily fixed.

Want to know what it is?


The number one reason you're exercising but not losing weight is because of what you're eating. Food intake is 80% of the weight loss equation...

Exercise is the other 20%


Food has the most important role in losing weight. For example if you're exercising but not eating right (like many of our clients when they start working with us) weight loss will not happen. On the contrary if you're eating right but not exercising you can expect to see weight loss results.

Here's 4 more common reasons why you're not seeing the weight loss results you want:

1. Not eating enough protein and loading up too much on carbs

2. Not eating enough or eating too often

3. Exercise is not the right mix of weights and cardio training

4. Drinking too many liquid calories such as alcohol, juices, sports drinks, fruit dense smoothies and energy drinks

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