How To Avoid Christmas Weight Gain

On average, Australian’s gain 5kg over the Christmas holiday period! The good news is…

That doesn’t have to be your story this year.

The top three mistakes I see mums making, that contributes to Christmas weight gain are:

Skipping meals

Not drinking enough water

Being too sedentary

It is so important to keep up your regular eating and workout routine as much as possible when it comes to this time of year.

Instead of what most people do…

Skip meals, overeat at other times and take a break from exercise.

Here are my top tips for keeping unwanted kilos at bay so you can enjoy the summer holidays with confidence:

Plan your meals

Set aside a day on the weekend (e.g. Sunday) where you plan your breakfast, lunch and dinner for the week. Record meals somewhere and take with you to the supermarket.

Eat at structured times

Over the day to ensure sustained energy levels and to keep your metabolism going. The worst thing you can do is skip meals and let yourself get over-hungry for the next meal.

Choose a variety of fruits and vegetables

In season. Keep both in an area you can see often such as a fruit bowl and a bowl of vegetables in the fridge. Use fruit for snacks and desserts. They are sweet and will not make you feel as sluggish as a block of chocolate does. Enjoy all of the amazing summer fruits while you can! Think smoothies, fruit and yoghurt parfait’s, homemade icy poles and fruit kebabs!

Stock up

On basic nutritious foods like wholegrain cereals and other grain foods, reduced fat milk, lentils or other legumes, eggs, and frozen or canned foods without added sugars or added salt. Include small amounts of foods rich in healthy fats such as oils, spreads, nut butters/pastes and avocado. That way there are always ingredients on hand to whip up a quick healthy lunch or dinner, instead of resorting to take-away too often

Try new ways of cooking

With vegetables like roasting, grilling, baking, barbequing and stir-frying. Talk to friends about recipes they like and always add herbs to add flavor to mixed vegetable dishes. Christmas is the perfect time to spend a little more time in the kitchen, exploring new dishes and cooking methods

Drink plenty of water

Instead of drinks with added sugars or alcohol. Add lemon or mint to water to add flavor if needed. Try to carry a water bottle with you as a visual reminder to drink.

Keep portions to ½ plate vegetables/salad, ¼ protein, ¼ carbohydrate and always eat to appetite.

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