When Weight Loss Stops

Have you ever been on a healthy eating plan, weight is coming off nicely and then…

It stops.

Nothing has changed, you’re still eating and doing the same things but weight has plateaued.

It can be frustrating, I know. Many of my clients express this frustration to me when they first join Mummy Body Makeover.

However, it’s normal and an expected part of the weight loss journey.

The most important thing to do when weight stops coming off, is to not be too hard on yourself.

Take the time to stop, re-assess and move forward with a new plan.

The trick is to mix things up!

And the best place to start with a fresh routine is the timing of your meals.

Here are my best tips for when to eat so you can overcome those pesky weight plateaus!

For an average Australian adult consuming around 2,000 calories per day, it is best to divide the calories over your waking hours.

This can be in the form of 3 main meals (around 300-500 calories each) and 2-3 snacks (around 100-150 calories each).

Of course, these values are dependent on your individual energy requirements with some people needing no snacks or those preferring 6 smaller meals over the day.

Ideally, I recommend you eat according to your appetite (ie. listen to hunger ques and eat when physically hungry / stop when full).

The benefits of a structured eating pattern:

  • Optimizes calorie distribution: Eating 3 meals a day means you are spreading your calories across the day and you don't get too hungry between meals.
  • Keeps metabolism going: Ensures your body is regularly nourished throughout the day to aid consistent burning of energy and weight loss.
  • Optimizes meal quality and variety: When you eat 3 main meals, you are likely to choose different foods at each, providing overall variety. Snacking can be a good way to add extra servings of food groups to your diet.
  • Aids feelings of satiety: Your goal is to provide your body with steady energy throughout the day and to get hungry enough between meals that you are ready to eat and still make rational choices at mealtime.

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