Top Tips for Buying Gluten / Nut Free Easter Eggs

Easter can be a difficult time if you or someone you’re buying for has an allergy / intolerance. That’s why I decided to create this blog post with dietitian approved tips for how to buy allergy friendly easter gifts! So never fear! You and/or your loved ones can still enjoy easter treats with Gluten or nut allergies.

Let’s start with the three most important things to look for when shopping for allergy friendly eggs. These are the tips I share with all of my clients to ensure they have the skills and confidence to buy allergy friendly foods not only at Easter time, but all year round.


By law companies must disclose all allergens on their label. Some are easier to find than others but if the product does contain an allergen it will be specified on the packaging somewhere. Be sure to take the time to check the labels thoroughly for phrases such as “may contain nuts”, “Contains gluten” or “gluten free”


The next place to check for potential allergens is in the ingredients list. It is often here that you will see phrases at the bottom that say “may contain traces of nuts” or “may contain gluten”. These phrases are there as a precaution to protect the manufacturer but do also mean that the product is not guaranteed to be allergen free. For this reason, it is best to avoid these items.


Every supermarket will have a section reserved for gluten free products and other dietary specific items. This can be a great place to look for easter treats that are allergy friendly and guaranteed not to contain traces of gluten or nuts.

Give these tips a try next time you’re out shopping for allergy friendly products!

There are also many great Eater gift ideas that are guaranteed to be allergen free. Have you considered giving eggs that are hardboiled and painted? Or perhaps paper mache? This can be a clever and fun way to give a guaranteed allergy friendly Easter gift.

Another nut free option to consider is Hot Cross Buns. These are a delicious Easter treat that can also come in Gluten free varieties in selected supermarkets or bake your own!

So if you’re looking for gluten or nut free Easter gift ideas this year be sure to take these tips to the supermarket and consider some alternative ideas as well.

Happy Easter!

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